Sunday, May 27, 2018
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The conveyance facility provided by the institution is beneficial to both students and faculties. Even though, our college is located near MC Road and can be easily reached from Kottarakara, the institution provides remarkable transportation facilities. This college bus service is very much beneficial to both students and staffs. The present Bus Routes mainly include:

Route 1: From Kollam to Thalachira

(Kollam (7.40 am from Pallimukku YCET campus)—Kallumthazham (7.45 am)—Karikode (7.50 am)—Keralapuram(7.55 am)—Elampaloor (8.00 am)—Kottarakara (8.35 am)—Karickom—Sadanandapuram(8.40 am)—Panaveli—Chirattakonam—Thalachira.)


Route 2: From Anchal to Thalachira

            (Thalachira (7.40 am)—Thadikadu (8.00 am) – Anchal (8.15 am)— Ayoor (8.20 am)—VayakkalValakom (8.40 am)—Chirattakonam—Thalachira.)


Route 3: From Kundara to Thalachira

         (Elampalloor (8.00 am)—Kundara (8.05 am)—Cheernakavu (8.15 am)—Ezhukone (8.18 am)—Chandamukku (8.25 am)—Kottarakara (8.35 am from Pulamon)—Chengamanad(8.40 am)—Vettikavala (8.45 am)—Chirattakonam—Thalachira.)